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Dental implants abroad

14 Jun 2024

3 min read

On the face of it, travelling to a European country from the UK to receive dental implants treatment can sound like an attractive option.

And in most cases, the actual upfront cost of the treatment will be cheaper than in the UK.

The treatment can also be combined with a city break in countries such as Hungary, Poland, Turkey and Croatia.


But when considering a major dental treatment such as implants, there are arguably more important things to think about than price.
It’s important to think beyond the initial price tag and start to consider the overall cost – financial and otherwise – of treatment.

There are skilled clinicians out there.

But when receiving dental implants treatment abroad, there is usually only a limited amount of time available with the dentist.

Are dental implants abroad safe?

There’s a danger the comprehensive care needed will be compromised by the fast-tracked schedule.

A detailed and complex treatment plan may require many different stages over a 12-18 month period.

In the case of treatment abroad, this could be modified for convenience.

In other words, a more simplified treatment plan could be carried out in order to fit the tighter timeframe.

For example, to save time a “dental tourism” clinician may opt to extract a tooth rather than trying to save it.


Now, a dentist in Poland, Croatia or Czech Republic may perform a procedure to a very high standard.

But it’s important to remember how crucial ongoing follow-ups are to the long-term success of dental implants.

Fast treatments may not be conducive to this.

Should I have dental implants abroad?

Receiving treatment locally:

+ Means easy access to your dentist for follow-up care
+ Means easy access in case of emergencies
+ Can be cost-effective in the long run…
+ … because of fewer expenses for follow-up visits and potential corrective treatment

On first consideration, receiving dental implants treatment in London may seem like the expensive option.

But looking at the bigger picture, the difference in cost can become negligible.
The long-term health of your teeth and gums and the ability to receive continuous, comprehensive care mean the local option is the better option for most patients.

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