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Do braces hurt?

19 Jun 2020

6 min read

Patients who are curious about orthodontic treatment often ask us the question: “Are braces painful?”

Because braces straighten teeth by applying gentle pressure, it is inevitable some patients will feel tenderness.

Braces tooth pain

Are braces painful?

Fixed orthodontic devices are made from metal or ceramic/porcelain brackets and wires.

The degree of discomfort depends on the treatment and the individual.

If you suffer from soreness for any longer than a few days at a time - or if you have any concerns or questions - you should call your orthodontist straight away.

Will my first visit to the orthodontist hurt?

Your first visit to the orthodontist at White & Co. will be no more uncomfortable than a regular check-up at the dentist.

We will usually carry out a detailed diagnostic review including x-rays and photographs. We will also talk through any concerns you have about your dental health.

Braces pain: The first week

Fitting braces is not painful but they can feel unusual at first - and sometimes uncomfortable - as your mouth gets used to them.

Your braces may initially cause sore spots on your gums or the inside of your lips but this should quickly heal.

Braces pain relief

How do you deal with braces pain?

The orthodontist will tell you if simple painkillers may be appropriate in the first few days.

If tenderness continues, your orthodontist can adjust the braces to make them more comfortable.

Do brace adjustments hurt?

With most fixed braces, you will need to come to see the orthodontist for adjustments every 6-8 weeks.

You may feel discomfort after an adjustment – but it helps most patients to know this is all part of the process of moving towards beautiful straight teeth.

How do you deal with braces pain?

Braces pain: How long does it last?

After the initial fitting, or subsequent adjustments, any discomfort does not usually last longer than three days.

How do you avoid braces pain?

You should stick to soft foods at first and avoid hard foods such as French bread or carrots. You should also cut your food into smaller pieces.

What does it feel like getting braces off?

Removing the braces at the end of treatment does not hurt – you will feel excited to reveal your new smile!.

Why White & Co. for orthodontics?

At White & Co. we have a wealth of experience in treating orthodontic patients so we know how to make treatment as painless and stress free as possible.