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Orthodontics questions: Teeth removal and allergies

25 Aug 2023

3 min read


Patients who come to see us about orthodontic treatment always have a number of questions for our specialist.

In this blog post we will dive into two of those questions.

Question 1:   Will I need to have any teeth removed before treatment?

Question 2:   Could I be allergic to braces?

Removing teeth for braces

In orthodontic cases in which patients do not have enough room for all their teeth, it may be necessary to take out a tooth - or teeth - before treatment with braces can begin.

At White & Co. London, we only advise extraction if it s absolutely necessary, which will often only become clear after a thorough assessment by your orthodontist.

Do I need teeth removed for braces?

There are certain cases in which the only way treatment with braces will successfully align crowded teeth is if it s preceded by extractions.

Before taking your tooth out, the orthodontist will give you a local anaesthetic injection to numb the area.

To stop bleeding after tooth removal, we will pop a gauze in your mouth for you to bite down on.


Nickel is used in some braces and, in rare cases, patients can experience allergic reactions such as soreness at the side of the tongue, a burning sensation, loss of taste, a metallic taste in the mouth or numbness.

Nickel allergies, while rare, are much more common in women than men.

Estimates suggest that 11% of all women have a sensitivity to nickel compared with 2% of men.

Braces allergy symptoms

If you experience an allergic reaction to your braces, alternative materials - such as stainless steel - can usually be used so you can continue with your treatment.

If you know of an allergy to nickel, you should inform your orthodontist so alternative arrangements can be made.

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