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Types Of Braces For Children

07 Oct 2021

6 min read

When you and your orthodontist decide on braces for your child, there are a number of options to consider.


All brace types work to slowly move the teeth into the desired final position.

In this guide, we are going to concentrate on the different types of fixed braces.

Children and orthodontics: Types of braces and retainers

That’s because orthodontists usually recommend fixed braces for most children. As you would expect, they stay in the mouth for the duration of the treatment.


But first, let’s talk about Invisalign removable braces.

Invisalign for children?

Some children are suitable for treatment with Invisalign clear, removable braces.

One of the key advantages is that your child can enjoy small breaks from wearing aligners for activities such as eating and brushing their teeth.

With Invisalign, plastic aligners are tailor made for your child. They wear each set for two weeks. Each set of aligners moves the teeth towards their final position.

Fixed braces for children

Modern fixed braces are far more subtle and comfortable compared with the fixed braces of the past.

The wire in the braces, which is held in place by a slide mechanism, works to move the teeth into position.

Some fixed braces are made with strong, durable metal brackets.

Braces made with less noticeable clear ceramic - or porcelain - brackets may also be suitable.

Lingual braces for children

Lingual braces are another type of fixed teeth straightening appliance that can be suitable for some children.

The orthodontist places them behind the teeth, which means most people won’t know your child is having treatment.

Some children also find them particularly comfortable.