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What Are Teeth Aligners?

07 Oct 2021

6 min read

You only get one chance to make a lasting first impression at a job interview, on a first date or at a party.

Studies suggest that people make lasting judgments about people within the first three seconds of setting eyes on them.

In a 2012 survey, respondents were shown pictures of men and women with crooked and straight teeth before being asked a series of questions. 

Respondents perceived that the subjects of images featuring straight teeth were more trustworthy, more likely to be viewed as healthy, more likely to be wealthy and more likely to be successful in job interviews.


Problems such as crooked, crowded, twisted and gappy teeth can make people feel self-conscious and lack confidence.

Fortunately, it’s now relatively easy to have teeth-straightening treatment and patients can start to see their teeth becoming gradually straighter within weeks.

Invisible braces and retainers for straight teeth

Invisalign® “invisible” teeth aligners have been described by the makers as the modern choice for straightening teeth and the “clear alternative to braces”.

The clear, removable plastic aligners are more discreet than the metal brackets and wires of some more conventional braces.

How do teeth aligners work?

At the start of your Invisalign® teeth alignment treatment, we give you several sets of custom-made invisible aligners.

You wear each set of teeth aligners for about two weeks and each set slowly but surely moves your teeth towards their final, straight position.

Invisible aligners: The easy way to enjoy confidence-boosting straight teeth

Invisalign® teeth aligners are a relatively easy way to straighten your teeth because unlike conventional braces:

  • There is no metal in your mouth and your aligners are almost-invisible
  • You can very easily take your aligners out any time you like…
  • … so you can take them out for special occasions such as parties and job interviews..
  • … and you can eat and drink whatever you like (with conventional braces you have to avoid eating certain sticky and hard foods)


Treatment times for teeth alignment with Invisalign are similar to those of traditional braces (treatments often last between 9-18 months). 

At White & Co. we can also use the latest digital imaging technology to show you a detailed simulated image showing, almost exactly, how your teeth would look after treatment.


Adults often assume that orthodontic treatment is only for children and teenagers but that’s not the case.

Millions of people have benefited from Invisalign® aligners and the majority were adults.

Are teeth aligners better than braces?

Some adults also worry that wearing braces could make them feel even more self-conscious than they do about their teeth.

Invisalign® almost-invisible retainers remove that anxiety.

At White & Co. we can help you to feel good about an attractive new smile with invisible teeth aligners.

Our satisfied teeth alignment patients say they now feel much more confident about making a strong first impression (for all the right reasons)!