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When Is The Right Time To See An Orthodontist?

30 Sep 2020

6 min read

Are you worried you or your child may have orthodontic problems? 

If the answer is “yes”, please don’t take any chances with oral health.


A specialist orthodontist can help patients of all ages to enjoy straighter, healthier, more attractive teeth.

When should your child see an orthodontist?

Here are 10 signs that it’s time for your child to visit an orthodontist:

1. Their teeth are misplaced or crowded 
2. Their teeth protrude
3. They clench or grind their teeth
4. They suck their thumb or fingers
5. The enamel on their teeth appears to be worn down
6. They find it difficult to bite or chew
7. They have problems with their speech
8. They have missing teeth
9. They lost their baby teeth early or they lost/are losing their baby teeth late
10. They bite their cheek or the palate of their mouth

Can adults visit the orthodontist?

It is a common misconception that orthodontic treatment is only effective while teeth are still growing.

You are never too old to enjoy the potentially life-changing new confidence of a beautiful, straight smile.

If you are unhappy about your crooked, twisted or gappy teeth then it could be time for you to see an orthodontist or a teeth-straightening dentist.

Braces for adults

Subtle, comfortable fixed braces straighten teeth extremely effectively.

Ceramic fixed braces, featuring clear brackets, could also be an option.

Lingual braces sit behind the teeth, which means no one can see them.


Now you can experience orthodontic treatment from an orthodontist with General Dental Council “specialist status” in the luxury surroundings of White & Co.

How to find a good orthodontist in London.

When you come to visit our orthodontist, we can quickly use our experience and expertise to help you decide which teeth straightening treatments will give you or your child the ultimate results.

At White & Co. we love helping patients of all ages to reveal a life-changing new smile that can fill them with confidence for life.