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Composite Bonding

Restore chipped, cracked or stained teeth.

From £200
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Smile time

Up to 60 Mins



Key benefit

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Transform your smile and experience dental excellence with London’s finest composite bonding dentists.

Suitable for

  • Restoring chipped or cracked teeth
  • Changing the size of your teeth
  • Closing gaps

What is Composite Bonding?

At White & Co. we can help you to experience your perfect smile with composite bonding treatment.

We will carefully shape and place composite resin – the material used in amalgam free fillings – to improve the appearance of your teeth. Your dentist will match the material to the colour of your teeth and craft it to deal with imperfections.

It can be used to restore damaged teeth, to make teeth look slightly longer or to close a gap. Treatment can usually be completed in one single visit to White & Co.

With composite bonding from White & Co. you can:

  • Feel proud of your perfect, new smile
  • Finish treatment in one visit instead of the usual weeks or months for other cosmetic treatments
  • Benefit from our expertise with composite bonding


Your composite bonding treatment

Step 1

Resin selection

Your dentist starts by choosing a resin to perfectly match the colour of your teeth.

Step 2

Tooth preparation

Your dentist will roughen the treatment area extremely lightly before coating it with a conditioning liquid.

Step 3

Bond and shape

Next they will apply the bonding material in thin layers, moulding and shaping as they do so.

Step 4

Final polish

Your dentist will use a powerful light to cure the resin and then polish for a beautiful finish.

Composite bonding fee guide

Composite bonding (price depends on complexity and case specifics)


Smile Design Wax Up (per tooth)


0% finance available.

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Patient Stories


“When I decided to go on the journey of having composite bonding, I was recommended White & Co and I'm so glad I was.

“She was so helpful, patient, put me at ease so much and was so determined to achieve exactly what I wanted. The rest of the staff are lovely too. I couldn't be happier with the outcome of my teeth and I would recommend this practice and Dr Cindy to anyone!” Georgina Butler. Teeth whitening, fillings and composite bonding.

Patient Stories


“I came to White & Co, recommended by my sister, because I wasn’t happy with my smile.

“I thought it was ageing me and I just needed a little bit of help and I’d heard they’re very, very good.” Kim. Porcelain veneers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question iconIs there any pain with composite bonding treatment?

Answer icon

Composite bonding is perhaps the quickest, least painful of all the cosmetic treatments. Injections and drilling are not usually needed.

Question iconWill the treatment affect eating and drinking?

Answer icon

We will advise you to wait for two days before eating or drinking dark liquids or food.

Question iconWill composite bonding affect my speech?

Answer icon

It should not affect your speech.

Question iconCan I have composite bonding on more than one teeth?

Answer icon

Yes. Many patients have composite bonding treatment on a number of teeth in one visit.

Question iconAre there ever any complications with this treatment?

Answer icon

Avoid complications by taking care of the treated areas. The composite resin used in bonding is not as strong as a natural tooth so avoid things like biting the top of a pen.

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