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Re-contouring Gumline

Reshape the gumline with laser treatment.

From £475
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Smile Time

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Uneven gums
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Trust our dentists to even out your gumline.

Suitable for

  • Gums that appear to rest too low
  • Gums that make teeth look small
  • A smile with a prominent gumline

What is Re-contouring of the Gumline?

At White & Co, we can help you to stop feeling self-conscious about an uneven gumline or gums that rest too low.

Our dentists use laser technology to treat you in a single visit.

Before treatment, patients often feel self-conscious about a prominent gumline. Re-contouring of the gumline – also known as gum reshaping or a “gum lift” – helps our patients to feel confident about their smile.

With re-contouring of the gumline from White & Co. you can:

  • Eliminate feelings of embarrassment or low self-esteem caused by a noticeable gumline
  • Enjoy a significant improvement, and the confidence that comes with it, immediately

How does it work?

Your gumline re-contouring treatment…

Step 1

Local anaesthetic

Your dentist gives you a local anaesthetic ahead of your treatment so you will feel no pain.

Step 2

Gum reshaping

They will then reveal more of the natural tooth by reshaping any excess of gum tissue.

Step 3

The latest technology

Your dentist uses laser technology to perform your treatment efficiently and to reduce your recovery time.

Step 4

Bespoke treatment

In a few cases, the dentist will also remove bone at the front of the root of a tooth to give the best long-term outcome.

Re-contouring gumline fee guide

Re-contouring gums


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Patient Stories


“When I decided to go on the journey of having composite bonding, I was recommended White & Co and I'm so glad I was.

“She was so helpful, patient, put me at ease so much and was so determined to achieve exactly what I wanted. The rest of the staff are lovely too. I couldn't be happier with the outcome of my teeth and I would recommend this practice and Dr Cindy to anyone!” Georgina Butler. Teeth whitening, fillings and composite bonding.

Patient Stories


“I came to White & Co, recommended by my sister, because I wasn’t happy with my smile.

“I thought it was ageing me and I just needed a little bit of help and I’d heard they’re very, very good.” Kim. Porcelain veneers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question iconIs re-contouring of the gumline a painful treatment?

Answer icon

Because we give you a local anaesthetic, you should not feel any pain during treatment. Your gums may feel sore after treatment and we can prescribe simple painkillers. Most patients will be fully healed after a few days.

Question iconWill this affect my eating and drinking?

Answer icon

For the first few days after treatment we suggest you eat soft foods – such as pasta, eggs, soft fruit and vegetables – and cold foods such as ice cream or yoghurt. You can return to your usual diet once your gums are completely healed.

Question iconHow long do the results last?

Answer icon

This treatment usually lasts for life if you take good care of your gums and teeth. Occasionally, the gums can grow back. We can usually repeat the treatment in these rare cases.

Question iconHow do I look after my teeth and gums?

Answer icon

You will need to be more gentle than usual when brushing in the days after treatment. Once the gums are healed, return to your usual daily oral health routine and make regular visits to the dentist.

Question iconIs this a safe treatment?

Answer icon

At White & Co. our highly-trained, experienced dentists only deal with safe treatments.

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