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Teeth Whitening

Safely whiten discoloured teeth.

From £425
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Smile time

Up to 2 weeks

Healing time



Whiter teeth
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Enjoy a whiter, brighter smile.

Suitable for

  • Stained teeth
  • Discoloured teeth
  • Teeth that look jaded

What is Teeth Whitening?

Discover why we have a reputation for excellence by experiencing an exceptional whitening treatment.

Our dentists help you to reverse years of staining with either surgery-based whitening or dentist-supervised home whitening.

With Philips Zoom dentist-supervised home whitening:

  • You place whitening gel into plastic teeth trays at home and wear them for at least 30 minutes a day
  • You come for an appointment at White & Co. two weeks later


With faster, surgery-based whitening (using the Philips Zoom and Enlighten brands):

The dentist whitens your teeth at the dental practice and you also use gels for home whitening.

With teeth whitening from White & Co. you can:

  • Feel refreshed and boost your confidence with whiter, brighter teeth
  • Feel this way within days
  • Enjoy a quick, safe treatment supervised by and/or delivered by one of our trusted, highly-skilled dentists


Premium surgery-based and dentist-supervised whitening

Step 1

Remove discolouration

Reverse staining from things like coffee, tea, fruit juice and red wine.

Step 2

Refresh your smile

Some patients like to refresh their smile for a special birthday or other significant occasion. Other patients like to feel more confident.

Step 3

Feel rejuvenated

Our dentists can help you to look and feel rejuvenated.

Step 4


Both our whitening options are convenient. Whiten at home. Or additionally come for in-surgery whitening.

Teeth whitening fee guide

Philips Zoom home whitening


Philips Zoom whitening in chair (plus home whitening)


Enlighten Smiles whitening in chair (plus home whitening)


0% finance available.

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Patient Stories


“When I decided to go on the journey of having composite bonding, I was recommended White & Co and I'm so glad I was.

“She was so helpful, patient, put me at ease so much and was so determined to achieve exactly what I wanted. The rest of the staff are lovely too. I couldn't be happier with the outcome of my teeth and I would recommend this practice and Dr Cindy to anyone!” Georgina Butler. Teeth whitening, fillings and composite bonding.

Patient Stories


“I came to White & Co, recommended by my sister, because I wasn’t happy with my smile.

“I thought it was ageing me and I just needed a little bit of help and I’d heard they’re very, very good.” Kim. Porcelain veneers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question iconDoes teeth whitening hurt?

Answer icon

Teeth can feel sensitive during or after treatment. Side effects can include a sore throat or sensitivity in the gums. After treatment, any remaining discomfort should stop within days. Please call White & Co with any problems.

Question iconIs teeth whitening a safe treatment?

Answer icon

Teeth whitening supervised or administered by White & Co. dentists is an extremely safe treatment.

Question iconHow long does the treatment take?

Answer icon

All our teeth whitening treatments take about two weeks altogether. With surgery-based whitening you can see outstanding results immediately. With supervised home whitening you can quickly start to see results.

Question iconHow long do the effects of teeth whitening last?

Answer icon

Whitening can last for years if you look after your teeth.

Question iconHow can teeth whitening affect eating and drinking?

Answer icon

Your teeth are more prone to staining immediately after whitening treatment. It is best to wait for 48 hours after treatment before eating or drinking any dark foods or liquids.

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