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Amalgam Free Fillings

Repair damaged teeth or replace metal fillings with tooth-coloured, amalgam free fillings.

From £210
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Smile Time

Up to 60 Mins




Restores tooth
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Amalgam free fillings: The natural-looking way to replace metal fillings or deal with damaged teeth.

Suitable for

  • Replacing metal fillings
  • Damaged teeth


White fillings – also known as amalgam free fillings – are made from tough, tooth-coloured composite resin.

The resin bonds to the tooth, giving a natural look that protects the remaining structure of the tooth and allows you to return to eating with confidence.

Patients often do not realise they need treatment, which is one reason why regular dental examinations are so important. Typical signs, other than obvious damage, can include toothache or sensitivity to hot and cold food and drink.

With amalgam free fillings from White & Co. you can:

  • Expel the anxiety caused by damaged teeth or noticeable metal fillings
  • Feel more confident about your appearance with natural-looking white fillings that blend in perfectly with your smile
  • Prevent future problems: if a damaged tooth is left untreated, bacteria will continue to attack and the situation can quickly deteriorate


Your amalgam free fillings treatment…

Step 1

Colour match

Your dentist chooses composite resin to perfectly match your tooth colour.

Step 2

Remove decay/filling

We will remove decay as well as any existing filling from the tooth.

Step 3

Prepare and place

Your dentist prepares the space, places the resin and cures it with a high-intensity light source.

Step 4

Finishing touches

We will polish your new filling for a smooth finish.

Fillings fee guide

Small composite (white filling)


Medium composite (white filling)


Large composite (white filling)


Direct composite onlay / inlay


0% finance available.

Patient Stories


“After an unfortunate incident where I smashed my teeth out surfing, Dr Cindy and her team fixed it all with professionalism and genuine care for my wellbeing.

“They explained all my options for me in detail, taking care to highlight different financially suitable options and were able to work around my busy schedule. The receptionists are also lovely.” Kai Chelliah. Dental crowns.

Patient Stories


“I have OCD. I struggled for many years to go to the dentist (10+ years) as I have dentist phobia.

"I followed my wife on her visit to the dentist and was so warmly welcomed by Piotr and the other staff members that, after chatting with them about my concerns and them being so understanding, I decided to give it a try. Almost 5 months of my teeth are saved.” Michael Sparrow. Fillings, whitening and gum disease treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question iconIs amalgam free fillings treatment painful?

Answer icon

Because we give you a local anaesthetic, this should not be a painful treatment. Your tooth may feel sensitive at first but this should recede after a few days.

Question iconWill this treatment affect my eating?

Answer icon

We advise our patients to wait for 48 hours before eating or drinking dark foods or liquids. White fillings are more prone to staining just after treatment. Damaged teeth can make eating difficult so you should find it much more enjoyable after treatment.

Question iconWhat if I need more than one filling?

Answer icon

Patients will often have more than one filling placed.

Question iconHow should I look after my filling?

Answer icon

Follow your usual oral health routine including brushing thoroughly twice a day. Avoiding putting unnecessary pressure on your filling by, for example, trying to open packaging with your teeth.

Question iconIs this a safe treatment?

Answer icon

This is a safe treatment when administered by a skilled, experienced dentist.

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