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Dental Hygiene

Regular dental hygiene appointments are the foundation for the best oral health.

From £95
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Appt Time

40 Mins



Key benefit

Gum and bone health
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Feel healthy and confident with regular dental hygiene treatments.

Suitable for

  • A professional deep clean feeling
  • Identifying, preventing and dealing with dental problems including gum disease
  • Receiving exceptional oral health education and advice about your daily routine


Visit our hygienists to experience that professional deep clean feeling.

If you have not visited a hygienist for a while, you may be worried your teeth are beginning to look jaded or your gums feel tender.

Your hygienist will use their expertise to remove plaque, tartar and discolourations as well as polish your teeth. The overall effect is a professional deep cleaning feeling. Our hygienists also have years of experience in identifying and tackling gum disease. They will discuss your daily oral health routine with you, sharing the latest advice about how to look after your teeth and gums.


The benefits of dental hygiene

Step 1

Feel refreshed

Feel energised with healthier, more attractive teeth and gums.

Step 2

Instant impact

You will begin to feel the benefits immediately after your first appointment.

Step 3

Prevent dental problems

Feel reassured you are taking all possible steps to prevent and tackle gum disease.

Step 4

Improved oral health routine

Find out how to treat yourself to the best bespoke daily oral health care routine.

Dental examination and hygiene fee guide

New patient hygiene (1 hour)


Regular recall appointment hygienist (40 minute)


New Patient Examination including 2 x X-rays and treatment plan


Routine check-up excluding x-rays


0% finance available.

Patient Stories


“After an unfortunate incident where I smashed my teeth out surfing, Dr Cindy and her team fixed it all with professionalism and genuine care for my wellbeing.

“They explained all my options for me in detail, taking care to highlight different financially suitable options and were able to work around my busy schedule. The receptionists are also lovely.” Kai Chelliah. Dental crowns.

Patient Stories


“I have OCD. I struggled for many years to go to the dentist (10+ years) as I have dentist phobia.

"I followed my wife on her visit to the dentist and was so warmly welcomed by Piotr and the other staff members that, after chatting with them about my concerns and them being so understanding, I decided to give it a try. Almost 5 months of my teeth are saved.” Michael Sparrow. Fillings, whitening and gum disease treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question iconWill my dental hygiene treatment be painful?

Answer icon

There may be some discomfort but patients do not usually feel any pain.

Question iconHow long will my appointment last?

Answer icon

Dental hygiene appointments at White & Co. usually last for 40 minutes.

Question iconHow often do I need to visit the dental hygienist?

Answer icon

This depends on the individual patient and the condition of their teeth and gums. A patient whose teeth and gums are in great condition would usually visit the hygienist every six months.

Question iconWhat if it is a long time since I last saw a hygienist?

Answer icon

When a patient first starts treatment with the hygienist, a series of visits may be the best course of action. As their oral health starts to improve, the visits will usually become less frequent.

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