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Best general dentistry London

22 Dec 2023

5 min read

“Excellent – visited multiple times for treatments”, “lovely dentist check-up and hygiene appointments”, “they are accommodating and will do all they can”, “you're in the hands of dental wizards”, “I always felt like I was in very good hands”, “super friendly, professional and efficient”…

At White & Co. our patients often give us feedback like this.


Our general dentistry offering includes:

+ Examinations
+ Dental hygiene
+ Amalgam free fillings
+ Emergency treatments
+ Crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays
+ Root canal treatment

Here’s what our patients have to say:

General dentistry London

“Excellent! Visited multiple times for treatments with Dr Bella.”

“She carried out so much need repair work on my teeth.”

“Bella and the team would always be sure to talk through all your options and what they believed would be best for your oral health. The level of care and attention was top draw.”

“Very happy with the final results. Highly recommend White and Co!”

Joseph Quinn

Choosing the best general dentistry in London

“The experience end-to-end was fantastic; everyone involved was super attentive.”

“It was clear Dr. Dylan only wanted the best for me.”

“I always felt like I was in very good hands and the result perfect.”

Matt Williamson

General dentistry in London

“Very efficient and lovely dentist check-up and hygiene appointments from Dr Zilvinas and Kirat today.”

“Great service, really recommend!”

Jenny Barnett


“Life-Changing Experience at White & Co Dental Clinic!”

Living with OCD and a decade-long fear of the dentist, I was brought to White & Co by my wife, who had her own appointment. From the moment I stepped through the door, Piotr and the entire staff made me feel incredibly welcome. After opening up about my dental phobia and anxieties, I took a leap of faith.

“Enter Nikki, who approached my concerns with the utmost sensitivity. We had an in-depth conversation, crafting a four-month treatment plan tailored to my needs. Nikki and Piotr left no stone unturned, explaining each step and even breaking down the tools and procedures, easing my fears.”

“My first appointment with Jane, the hygienist, was intense yet surprisingly relieving. This was a far cry from my previous dental experiences, where I would dart out of the building before even reaching the chair.”

“Every concern, no matter how trivial, was met with compassion and actionable solutions. Nearly five months later, my teeth have been rescued from the brink. Thanks to their expertise, I saved a tooth that others had deemed unsalvageable a decade ago. Four fillings, whitening, gum disease treatment, and more—White & Co prevented a rapid dental decline I had feared.”

“I cannot express enough gratitude to the entire White & Co team for their patience and care. To those who share my dental phobia, I wholeheartedly recommend this place. And for those without such fears, you're in the hands of dental wizards at the pinnacle of their profession.”

“Thank you, White & Co, for changing my life!”

Michael Sparrow

Where is the best general dentistry in London?

“Fab experience with Dr Zilvinas!”

“Super friendly professional and efficient.”

“Really recommend!”

Grace Bolton

The best general dentistry in London

“I moved to London in 2018 and struggled to find a dentist I trusted until I went to White&Co for an Invisalign consultation in summer 2021 - I’ve never looked back”

“Dr Izabella is a diamond and her work is flawless. I trusted her with every step of Invisalign and was beyond thrilled with the results.”

“I remain a patient and visit their hygienist Kirat and still see Dr Izabella for general check-ups.”

“It’s not a typical dentist experience and everyone is so welcoming and friendly you really feel like you are visiting friends.”

“They are accommodating and will do all they can to move appointments or to see you in an emergency (something I am particularly thankful of this week)!”

“Even though I have moved further out of London since 2021, and it is a 2+ hour round trip for me now, I will continue to make the journey as there is no one else I’d trust than the White&Co team!”

“Thank you for making going to the dentist an enjoyable experience!!””

Tanya Martin

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