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Emergency dentist London

19 Jan 2024

4 min read

“A very prompt and expert service”, “absolutely wonderful”, “put me at ease”, “in safe hands”, “so incredibly helpful”, “fantastic dentist”… 

Visitors to White & Co. regularly give us testimonials like these.


We offer emergency dental treatment for:

+ Severe pain
+ Broken teeth
+ Infections
+ Other emergencies

IMPORTANT: Please call now on 020 7223 5177 if you need emergency treatment…

… or visit our emergency treatment page.

Here’s what our patients have to say:

Emergency dental treatment London

“Broke my filling the night before and walked into the dentist and they were able to offer an emergency appointment the same day.”

“Dr. Patel helped to explain in detail my dental care plan and provided a very prompt and expert service.”

“Front line staff were really good and booked me and helped complete my patient history. My regular dentist from now on!”

G Matharu


Choosing the best emergency dentist in London

“Absolutely wonderful!”

“I needed to be seen as an emergency and they accommodated me at the last minute despite not being a registered patient.”

“The treatment provided by Dr Zilvanas was faultless! I cannot thank them enough!”

Abi Harvey


Emergency dentist in London

“Very pleased with the service I received.”

“I had a filling that had broken. The receptionist booked me in the same day, the dentist who did the repair was professional, put me at ease and caused me no pain. Thanks.”




“I have been using this dentist for many years and I find them very professional and very caring.”

“If it's an emergency situation, they will make sure they can fit you in.”

“I have never felt treatment being recommended is unnecessary, which is reassuring… I know I will be in safe hands.”

Christina Wadeson

Where is the best emergency dentist in London?

“Robert and Rosie were so incredibly helpful – I cannot thank them enough.”

“After getting told ‘they couldn’t help me’ from a few other dentists, these guys went above and beyond to get my broken tooth sorted ASAP.”

“Dr Chaffe did an excellent job and I can’t thank the whole team enough for helping me so efficiently.”

Laura Chapman


The best emergency dentist in London

“Fantastic dentist.”

“Just moved to the area and hadn't registered yet when my tooth broke.”

“They saw me straight away and were very kind, understanding and helpful.”

“Thanks Matthew for fixing my tooth and replacing an old filling with a new filling.”

Grace Sobey


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