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Malpositioned teeth

19 Apr 2024

3 min read


Malpositioned teeth can impact your confidence, your oral health and potentially your overall health.

For example, they can make it harder to brush the inner surfaces of the teeth causing plaque and bacteria to build up.

This can cause problems including halitosis.

Plaque build-up can also lead to gum irritation – including swollen gums that can bleed after you have brushed them – and gum disease

Gum disease has been linked to systemic problems such as heart disease.

Malpositioned teeth can also impact on your ability to chew efficiently, which can wear away tooth enamel.


The good news is there are a number of treatments available to deal with malpositioned teeth.

White & Co. orthodontic and teeth straightening patients have told us they have found confidence with a new smile.

Treatment of malpositioned teeth

Treatments such as fixed braces – with metal or ceramic brackets – and Invisalign clear plastic aligners can also help to improve your oral health.

Braces and Invisalign removable aligners work by slowly but surely exerting pressure on the malpositioned teeth, moving them towards their final position.

In some cases, it’s firstly necessary to extract a tooth or teeth to create room before straightening treatment begins.

Orthodontic correction of malpositioned teeth

In summary, patients with malpositioned teeth who have orthodontic or teeth straightening treatment can:

+ Experience a life-changing confidence boost
+ Enjoy healthier teeth and gums
+ Find it easier to thoroughly clean their teeth

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