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What are the stages of dental implants?

02 Feb 2024

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Implant procedures are as different and unique as the patients who come into our practices.

Some placements are relatively straightforward. Other cases are far more intricate and require extensive planning.

This guide gives potential dental implant patients a basic, broad understanding of what to expect.

The common stages of a dental implant

In the simplest cases, placing the implant is the first step – we surgically embed the implant into the jawbone.

Over time, the bone around the implant starts to heal and integrate with the surface of the implant.

Eventually the implant becomes robust enough to tolerate the pressure of chewing and biting.

Dental implant: Process and healing stages

After this healing period, which usually takes a number of months, the patient is ready for the crown – the fake tooth – to be placed.

In the simplest cases, the crown can be placed after three or four months.


For more complex cases, such as after accidents or where bone quality is compromised, additional stages and further planning are required.

CT scans can help us to make a full assessment and formulate the treatment plan.

In cases that involve infections or insufficient bone, it’s important to proceed with caution.

Active infections must be dealt with before an implant is placed.

Bone grafting procedures may also be required and are sometimes performed several months ahead of implant placement. The crown can then be placed months later.

If there is enough bone, a bone graft and a dental implant placement can be performed at the same time.

Understand the stages of dental implants before treatment

Thanks to advances in dentistry techniques, it is sometimes now possible in cases involving a single arch or both arches to perform the following all in one day:

+ Extractions
+ Implant placements
+ Temporary bridges

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